Ch Denmel’s Critical Acclaim WAC – “Mira”

BISS Am Ch. Richwyn’s Hot Rod  x  Can Ch Supernova Powerplay V Denmel

Mira is from our Spring 2003 litter, and was one of Hayley’s 10 puppies from frozen semen by Shelby (BISS Am Ch Richwyn’s Hot Rod).

Mira completed her Canadian Championship in limited showing, finishing at 10 months of age.  At the UDC Canadian Regionals in July 2004 she passed the YTT (Youth Temperament Test) and was graded Excellent and awarded a CC by respected breeder judge Ray Carlisle (at the tender age of 1 year and 4 days old!)

We did some agility training with Mira, but unfortunately she pulled a shoulder muscle and was busy in the whelping box instead of resuming our training.  We have also did some training in Rally with Mira, but did not manage to compete with her.

Mira’s first litter by Legend (Multi BIS/BISS Ch Liberator’s Valentino) produced 12 lovely puppies, all black/rust.  Several of these puppies were shown to their Championships, and some to performance titles.  Unfortunately we have had quite a few health issues pop up in this litter and opted not to use any for breeding purposes.

Mira was bred again in 2008, but unfortunately only a single red boy was produced.  We tried one last time to breed her, but were not successful in having any puppies produced.

Mira came with me to Chilliwack for the BCDPC & DPCC Specialty, so that we could try her in the WAE (Working Aptitude Evaluation -DPCA) and she passed.  She is now Ch. Denmel’s Critical Acclaim, WAC.

Sadly we lost Mira at 9 1/2 years old, not due to any health issues, but as the unfortunate outcome of injuries due to a fight between 2 bitches.  And we are also very sad that due to the health issues in her only large litter, we now have no puppies to carry on with that go back to our foundation bitch Xena.